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Volume 41, Number 1, 1993 Komentar dan Tanggapan atas Artikel: "Perkembangan Terbaru Teori Perdagangan Internasional" Abstract PDF
I Ketut Nehen, Faisal H. Basri
Volume 46, Number 3, 1998 Konsumsi, Harga dan Bentuk Pasar BBM di Indonesia Abstract PDF
Kurtubi Kurtubi
Volume 36, Number 4, 1988 Konsumsi Makanan Jadi Rumah Tangga Pedesaan Jawa Barat Abstract PDF
Achmad Suryana, Achmad Djauhari
Volume 30, Number 1, 1982 Koperasi dalam Teori Ekonomi Mikro: Kasus Koperasi Produsen Abstract PDF
Boediono Boediono
Volume 45, Number 3, 1997 Kualitas Pekerjaan Analisis Fungsi Produksi O-Ring Abstract PDF
Suahasil Nazara
Volume 40, Number 1, 1992 Land Utilization and Agricultural Development Abstract PDF
Bustanul Arifin
Volume 53, Number 1, 2005 Legislating for Labour Protection: Betting on the Weak or the Strong? Abstract PDF
Chris Manning
Volume 58, Number 2, 2010 lntergovernmental Relations and Decentralization in Indonesia: New Arrangements and Their lmpacts on Local Welfare Abstract PDF
B.Raksaka Mahi
Volume 62, Number 3, December 2016 Local Government Forestry Expenditure and Forest Land Cover: A Preliminary Lesson from Decentralized Indonesia Abstract PDF
Firda Hidayati, Yogi Vidyattama, Cameron Gordon
Volume 41, Number 3, 1993 Local Linkages' of Rural Small-Scale Industries: Some Empirical Findings Abstract PDF
Tulus Tambunan
Volume 45, Number 2, 1997 Long-Run: Purchasing Power Parity in Indonesia Abstract PDF
Gregorius D. V. Pattinasarany
Volume 62, Number 2, August 2016 Lowering Regional Inflation? Improve Budget Absorption Abstract PDF
Vid Adrison, Masarina Flukeria
Volume 57, Number 2, 2009 ls South Sulawesi a Center of Growth in Eastern Indonesia? Japanese ODA Strategy Revisited Abstract PDF
Kazushi Takahashi
Volume 57, Number 1, 2009 Macro Stability Can Be Detrimental to Poverty Abstract PDF
Iwan Jaya Azis
Volume 36, Number 2, 1988 Macroeconomic Impacts on Indonesian Agricultural Exports Abstract PDF
Kaman Nainggolan
Volume 41, Number 2, 1993 Macroeconomic Policy and Export Promotion: A Case of Indonesia in the Context of ASEAN Abstract PDF
Prijono Tjiptoherijanto
Volume 61, Number 3, December 2015 Managing Productivity in the Infrastructure Sector: A Case Study from Indonesia Abstract PDF
Eric R. W. Knight, James D. Meade
Volume 42, Number 4, 1994 Manfaat Relatif Program Kesehatan Melalui Posyandu: Sebuah Pengujian Terhadap Tingkah Laku Gizi Abstract PDF
Elfindri Elfindri
Volume 30, Number 4, 1982 Manpower Quality in Differential Economic Growth Between East and Southeast Asia Abstract PDF
Harry T. Oshima
Volume 63, Number 2, December 2017 Mapping Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in Indonesia Labor Market Abstract PDF
Alin Halimatussadiah, Chaikal Nuryakin, Pyan A. Muchtar, Adriana Bella, Husnul Rizal
Volume 30, Number 3, 1982 Marketing Margins of Secondary Crops in Indonesia Abstract PDF
Steven R. Tabor, Dale Squires
Volume 28, Number 3, 1980 Markot Price Effects of New Rice Technology on Income Distribution in Semisubsistence Economies Abstract PDF
Y. Hayami, R. W. Herdt
Volume 47, Number 3, 1999 Masa Teori-Teori Besar dalam Bidang Ilmu Ekonomi Pembangunan Telah Berlalu Abstract PDF
Lepi T. Tarmidi
Volume 27, Number 1, 1979 Masalah - Masalah "Utara - Selatan" dalam Rangka Perjuangan untuk Menyusun Tata Ekonomi Dunia yang Baru Abstract PDF
Mohammad Sadli
Volume 34, Number 3, 1986 Masalah dan Prospek Kayu Lapis Indonesia Abstract PDF
Nartanto Nartanto
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