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Volume 62, Number 2, August 2016 The Existence of Long-Run PPP: A Comparison between Developed and Developing Countries Abstract PDF
Sulistiadi Dono Iskandar
Volume 27, Number 2, 1979 The Family Planning Program as a Model for Administrative Improvement in Indonesia Abstract PDF
Donald R. Snodgrass
Volume 54, Number 1, 2006 The Four Decades Journey and Future Prospects of Indonesia to Meet Its Demand for Maize Abstract PDF
Dewa Ketut Sadra Swastika
Volume 52, Number 2, 2004 The Fundamental Economic Structure in Developing Countries: An Empirical Evidence of Indonesia Abstract PDF
M. Handry Imansyah, Guy R. West, Rodney C. Jensen
Volume 30, Number 4, 1982 The Impact of Credit Rationing on Small Farm Development in Indonesia Abstract PDF
L. Sondakh, J. B. Hardaker
Volume 66, Number 1, June 2020 The Impact of Entrepreneurship on Economic Performance in Indonesia Abstract PDF
Yohanes B. Kadarusman
Volume 66, Number 1, June 2020 The Impact of Human Capital on Shadow Economy in Indonesia Abstract PDF
Saraswati Saraswati, Neli Agustina
Volume 62, Number 1, April 2016 The Impact of Lagging-Region Status on District Poverty in Indonesia Abstract PDF
Rus’an Nasrudin
Volume 55, Number 2, 2007 The Impact of Market Support in Developed Countries on the Competitiveness of Indonesian Soybean Abstract PDF
Dewa Ketut Sadra Swastika
Volume 37, Number 4, 1989 The Impact of Removing Fertilizer Subsidy on Farm Income and Total Rice Production: A General Equilibrium Approach Abstract PDF
Ato Suprapto
Volume 44, Number 1, 1996 The Importance of Credit Channel in Monetary Transmission Mechanisms Abstract PDF
Sirajuddin Ahmad
Volume 56, Number 1, 2008 The Indonesian Crisis Abstract PDF
Mohammad Sadli
Volume 61, Number 1, April 2015 The Indonesian Economy from the Colonial Extraction Period until the Post-New Order Period: A Review of Thee Kian Wie’s Major Works Abstract PDF
Maria Monica Wihardja, Siwage Dharma Negara
Volume 52, Number 2, 2004 The Indonesian Garment Industry: Past Performance and Future Challenges Abstract PDF
Latif Adam
Volume 60, Number 1, 2012 The Indonesian Governmental Debt Transformation Abstract PDF
Lana Soelistianingsih
Volume 34, Number 1, 1986 The Indonesian Tax Structure Abstract PDF
J. S. Uppal
Volume 26, Number 4, 1978 The Labor-Intensity of lndonesia's Exports Abstract PDF
Douglas S. Paauw
Volume 27, Number 4, 1979 The LEKNAS Labor Utilization Survey: Some Data on Labor Utilization from Selected Areas of Java Abstract PDF
Hazel V. J. Moir
Volume 55, Number 3, 2007 The lmpact of ASEAN's Intra Trade to FDI Inflows from Non-Member States: The Cases of Indonesia, Malaysia & Thailand 1987-2006 Abstract PDF
Kiki Verico
Volume 59, Number 1, 2011 The lmpact of Manufactured Exports on CO2 Emissions: A Comparison of Developed and Developing Countries Abstract PDF
Andini Desita Ekaputri, Maddaremmeng A. Panennungi
Volume 60, Number 2, 2012 The lmpact of Renewable Energy and GDP per Capita on Carbon Dioxide Emission in the G-20 Countries Abstract PDF
Zaekhan Zaekhan, Nachrowi D. Nachrowi
Volume 55, Number 1, 2007 The lmpact of Tick Size Reduction on Liquidity and Order Strategy: Evidence from the Jakarta Stock Exchange (JSX) Abstract PDF
Irwan Adi Ekaputra, Basharat Ahmad
Volume 53, Number 3, 2005 The lmplementation of Competition Law: Competition Values, Does it Matter? Abstract PDF
Ine Minara S. Ruky
Volume 38, Number 2, 1990 The Monetary Sector in Indonesia: Time Series Properties of the Data and Some Issues of Model Specifications Abstract PDF
Insukindro Insukindro
Volume 28, Number 2, 1980 The Petroleum Production-Sharing Contract in Southeast Asia: Theoretical Issues Abstract PDF
Corazon M. Siddayao
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