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Volume 61, Number 1, April 2015 Pragmatism and Nationalism: Industrialization Policy in Indonesia and Nigeria Abstract PDF
Ahmad Helmy Fuady
Volume 41, Number 2, 1993 Privatisasi dan Efisiensi: Teori dan Kenyataan Empiris Abstract PDF
Mahmud Thoha
Volume 37, Number 2, 1989 Program Non Linier Abstract PDF
Sri Mulyono
Volume 65, Number 1, June 2019 Promoting the Indonesian Special Economic Zones for Tourism: Lessons from Mandalika and Tanjung Kelayang Abstract PDF
Latif Adam
Volume 39, Number 3, 1991 Proof of the Brouwer Fixed-Point Theorem: A Simple-Calculus Approach Abstract PDF
Irsan Azhary Saleh
Volume 43, Number 3, 1995 Proses Derivasi Mutu Modal Manusia: Aplikasi Terhadap Kelangsungan Pendidikan Anak Abstract PDF
Elfindri Elfindri
Volume 36, Number 4, 1988 Prospect of Shrimp Fisheries lndustry in Indonesia Abstract PDF
Bambang Edi Prijono
Volume 33, Number 2, 1985 Prospek Kesempatan Kerja di Sektor Jasa Abstract PDF
Sudarsono Sudarsono
Volume 47, Number 4, 1999 Prospek Pengembangan Industri Rumah Kayu Minahasa: Analisis Ekonomi dan Dampak Kebijakan Perhutanan Abstract PDF
Grace A. Rumagit, Isang Gonarsyah
Volume 38, Number 2, 1990 Prospek Perdagangan Karet TSR dan RSS+ Indonesia Abstract PDF
Isang Gonarsyah, Sinung Hendratno
Volume 63, Number 1, June 2017 Provinces and Local Government Revenues Structures and Intra-Province Economic Disparity Abstract PDF
Riatu M. Qibthiyyah
Volume 46, Number 2, 1998 Proyeksi Permintaan Buah-Buahan dan Sayur-Sayuran: 1996-2003 Abstract PDF
M. Husein Sawit, Adreng Purwoto, Mewa Ariani
Volume 62, Number 3, December 2016 Public Spending and Learning Outcomes of Basic Education at the District Level in Indonesia Abstract PDF
Thia Jasmina
Volume 57, Number 1, 2009 Punctuations in Emerging Markets: Regime Change and Family Firm Responses in lndonesia Abstract PDF
Marleen Dieleman, Peter Post
Volume 58, Number 3, 2010 Rates of Returns to Vocational and General Upper Secondary Education, and to Experience in Addressing the Hollow Middle in lndonesia, 2007 Abstract PDF
N. Haidy A. Pasay, Qisha Quarina
Volume 33, Number 2, 1985 Rational Expectations Hypothesis, Government Preferences, and The Trade Model Abstract PDF
Chairil A. Rasahan
Volume 44, Number 4, 1996 Real Business Cycles: A Survey of Theories and Evidence Abstract PDF
Sirajuddin Ahmad
Volume 27, Number 1, 1979 Recent Development of Fisheries in Indonesia Abstract PDF
A. Sidarto
Volume 64, Number 1, June 2018 Recent Developments in Indonesia’s Macro-economy and Trade, Q1-2018 Abstract PDF
Febrio Kacaribu, Alvin Ulido Lumbanraja, Mohamad Dian Revindo, Syahda Sabrina, Zehan Pricilia, Yeremia Natanael
Volume 52, Number 2, 2004 Recent lssues Regarding Indonesian Government Subsidiary Offshore Loans to Regions Abstract PDF
Robert A. Simanjuntak
Volume 58, Number 1, 2010 Reducing Fuel Subsidy or Taxing Carbon? Comparing the Two Instruments from the Economy, Environment, and Equity Perspectives for Indonesia Abstract PDF
Arief Anshory Yusuf, Arief Ramayandi
Volume 58, Number 2, 2010 Reducing Poverty of Cocoa Smallholders in lndonesia: ls Agricultural Economic Activity Still the Pioneer? Abstract PDF
Muhammad Arsyad, Yoshio Kawamura
Volume 60, Number 1, 2012 Re-Emergence of the Asian Economies: Will History Repeat Itself Abstract PDF
Maddaremmeng A. Panennungi
Volume 54, Number 2, 2006 Regional Convergence and Indonesia Economic Dynamics Abstract PDF
Yogi Vidyattama
Volume 54, Number 1, 2006 Regional Discrepancy in Agricultural Development in Indonesia Abstract PDF
Lepi T. Tarmidi
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