User Guidelines

Economics and Finance in Indonesia (EFI)

Technical Guidelines: For Authors & Reviewers

  1. Initial Registration Procedures
    1. Go to
    2. Click ‘Register’ and fill out the profile form.
    3. At the bottom of the profile form, select the role you wish to register for. Available roles are Reader, Author, and Reviewer. If you wish to apply for multiple roles (e.g. as reader, author, and reviewer at once), simply make multiple clicks on those options.
  2. Registered User Login Procedures
    1. Go to
    2. Input your Username and Password on the top right dialog box.
  3. Author: Submission Procedures
    1. Click ‘Click Here’ below ‘Start a New Submission’ section.
    2. Fill out general submission information under step 1: ‘Start’ page.
    3. Upload your manuscript under step 2: ‘Upload Submission’ page.
    4. Complete metadata information under step 3: ‘Enter Metadata’ page. You are recommended to fill out every relevant fields to improve the indexation of your manuscript. Things to be noted are:
      • Enlist all your co-authors if the manuscript is co-authored. Use the ‘Add Author’ button to do so.
      • Insert your Abstract.
      • Pick relevant keywords best describing your manuscript.
      • Multiple information inserted on single fields, such as ‘Academic Discipline and Sub-Disciplines’ or ‘Keywords’ should be separated by semicolon (;).
    5. Upload supplementary files (if any) under step 4: ‘Upload Supplementary Files’ page. Supplementary files include (but not limited to) spreadsheet tabulation or econometric software estimation.
    6. Verify your manuscript summary under step 5: ‘Confirmation’ page. Click ‘Finish Submission’ to conclude. You will have notification e-mail sent to your address.
  4. Author: Manuscript Tracking Procedures
    1. Click ‘Active Submissions’ link.
    2. System will enlists your submitted manuscripts and their progresses under ‘Status’ column.
    3. You can click on each title’s link to view more detailed information.
    4. If revisions are required, click the manuscript title’s link, then click ‘Editing’ tab. An upload dialog box shall appear under ‘Editor Decision’ section.
    5. Your revision would have been sufficient and your manuscript would have been under editing process if the ‘Status’ column states ‘In Editing’ or ‘In Editing: Copyedit’.
  5.  Reviewer: Review Procedures
    1. Reviewer will receive review invitation in the e-mail inbox. Confirmation on willingness or refusal to review should be given by logging in to the system, not through direct mail correspondence.
    2. Manuscripts to be reviewed shall appear on your home interface. To download, click the file name link beside ‘Submission Manuscript’ row.
    3. To accept the invitation, click a mail icon beside ‘Will Do the Review’, or the same icon beside ‘Unable to Do the Review’ to decline. System will assist you to send notification e-mail to Editors.
    4. After you accept, ‘Review’ page shall appear. Steps under ‘Review Steps’ will guide you through the process.
    5. Two options are available on submitting comments.
      • Type comments directly on system’s dialog box. To do this, click cloud icon beside step 4 description.
      • Upload comments on separate file. To do this, use upload dialog box under step 5 description.
      • You only need to pick one option. Do not submit comments using both ways.
    6. Recommendation options are available on step 6 dialog box. Pick the most suitable recommendation, then click ‘Submit Review to Editor’. System will assist you to send notification e-mail to Editors. Recommendation concludes your review.