Change of Publication Period

The Economics and Finance in Indonesia (EFI) is published by the Institute for Economic and Social Research, Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia (LPEM-FEB-UI). Neither the Institute nor the University takes responsibility for the views expressed by the authors. The EFI Journal owns the Copyrights, and all the processes are free of charge.

The journal was established in 1948, and was initially named "Maandblad voor Financien", then re-named “Ekonomi dan Keuangan Indonesia (EKI)”, then re-named Economics and Finance in Indonesia (EFI). The journal provides an outlet for the publication of qualified research papers on the Indonesian economy. To communicate the findings of researchers to a broader international economic readership, LPEM-FEB-UI decided to transform the journal into a peer-reviewed journal which only publishes articles in English.

During the period of late 2012 up to early 2015, EFI took a reform on its Editorial Board structure. The new editorial board then decided to use the momentum to organize more substantive reforms on EFI, including the adoption of online Open Journal System (OJS) platform. The Editorial Board notices that readers may find inconvenience on EFI’s temporary dormancy. The reforms had caused EFI to be temporarily inactive. Therefore, the issues of Vol. 60 Issue 3 the Year 2012 up to Vol. 61 Issue 1 the Year 2015 were not published. However, we believe that the reforms will create a firm pathway to long-term continuous improvements. In 2016, Dr. Kiki Verico was appointed as the Editor in Chief of EFI Journal from Dr. Teguh Dartanto and in early 2017, Dr. Sartika Djamaluddin joined as our editor. Reform has been in progress, in 2017, the new editorial board members have decided to change the publication period of the EFI Journal from three-time per year to two-time per year. Therefore in 2017, Vol. 63, the EFI Journal has two numbers of Issue 1 in June and Issue 2 in December.  

Back to the primary aim of EFI, it is hoped that this journal can take a role as a suitable platform for a wonderful academic exchange among domestic and foreign economists who are interested in the Indonesian economy.

Editor in Chief 

Kiki Verico